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Official P90X Workout by Tony HortonThe P90X Workout is the most advance muscle conditioning workout of it's kind. Created by Tony Horton, this workout program has been tested and delivers!

The P90X workout is completely different from other programs because it’s designed to help you succeed. The key to its success is variety in what is labeled “muscle confusion.”

Each calls for a different workout – one day it’s weight training and pull ups, the next day it’s cardio, another day is Yoga and it goes on. All the PX90 workouts are extreme – but they are fun. You can modify them to suit your strengths until you get stronger and you will get stronger.

A P90X Nutrition Guide and Workbook are provided to help you make the most of your extreme home fitness program. The nutrition guide contains a detailed daily menu for each phase of the system. The recipes are easy to make and delicious. The Workbook is structured in the 13-week format that makes recording your progress extremely convenient.

But the real reason P90X is so effective is it keeps you motivated to stay on. The variety, the information and especially the instructor, Tony Horton make getting back in shape enjoyable. After three weeks, it feels like hanging out with friends. Plus, every challenging workout offers something appealing for everybody – you are actually eager to workout.

The benefits of the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program are invaluable. First, there’s money. In comparison, the package is substantially less than an annual gym membership you sporadically use. Second, your overall health, fitness and confidence improve with every week you progress. Lastly, it is a program you will want to continue, even when you reach the 90-days. You want to keep on going and the best part about it is – you can.

There are plenty of gimmicks just waiting to separate you from your money but P90X is not one of them. It is an all around, well-conceived program. It’s a system that offers you support, quality products and most importantly, results. The P90X workout definitely delivers.


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